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 WaveSurfer 3000 oscilloscopes feature an advanced user interface (MAUI) with touch screen simplicity providing quick access to time saving debug tools.   Quickly identify and isolate anomalies with WaveScan, Fast Display and History Mode for faster troubleshooting; LabeNotebook enables easy documentation and convenient collaboration.  The advanced probe interface, upgradable bandwidth and multi-instrument capabilities provide maximum versatility and investment protection.

MAUI (Most advanced user interfaced) is a new Wave of thinking.  MAUI is designed for touch; all important oscilloscope controls are accessed through the intuitive touch screen.  MAUI is made for simplicity; time saving shortcuts and intuitive dialogs simplify setup.  MAUI is built to solve; deep set of debug and analysis tools help identify problems and find solutions quickly.  


Trek Equipment Corporation is pleased to announce its appointment as NF Corporation's North American distribution partner.  NF is one of Japan's leading manufacture of Impedance Analyzers, Multi-Function Generators, Power Supplies, Lock in amplifiers, Bipolar amplifiers and Frequency Response Analyzers.

NF Corporation's products utilize unique technologies derived from extensive electronic expertise and is constantly evolving in response to changing requirements of its customers.