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GW Instek GDS-2302A 2 Channel 300MHz Oscillscope

GW Instek GDS-2302A 2 Channel 300MHz Oscillscope
Manufacturer: GWInstek

GW Instek GDS-2302A 2 Channel 300MHz Oscillscope


GDS-2000A Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope offers 2 and 4-channel configurations and wide bandwidth selections, including 300MHz, 200MHz, 100MHz and 70MHz. Each model provides 2GSa/s maximum real-time sampling rate and 100GSa/s high-speed equivalent-time sampling rate. Equipped with an 8-inch 800 x 600 high-resolution TFT LCD display, 1mV/div to 10V/div vertical range and 1ns/div to 100s/div time base, the GDS-2000A Series is able to faithfully demonstrate waveforms of complicated and obscure signals.


  •  *300MHz/200MHz/100MHz/70MHz Bandwidth ,2 or 4 Input Channel
  • *2GSa/s Real-time Sampling Rate and 100GSa/s Equivalent Time Sampling Rate
  • *2MegaPoints Record Length 
  • *1mV /div to 10V/div of Vertical Range
  • *1ns/div to 100s/div of Time Base Range
  • *80,000 wfm/s of Waveform Update Rate
  • *8 inch 800*600 High Resolution TFT LCD Display
  • *Built-in Segmented Memory and Waveform Search Functions to Optimize the Efficiency of Record Length
  • *Zoom Window and Play/Pause can Rapidly Navigate the Waveforms 
  • *36 Automatic Measurement Functions Offers Various Measurement Selections 
  • *Optional 8 or 16 digital channel with Logic analyzer(MSO)
  • *Optional Function Generator
  • *Flexible Remote Control Connectivity(Standard:USB ;Option:LAN/GPIB)
  • *Upgradable CAN/LIN bus analysis ,Advanced Logic ,Datalog ,DVM and H-expansion functionalities