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Pre-compliance EMI+EMS test system MR2400

  • This system combining the EMI test system MR 2300 and the EMS test system MR 2350.
  • It is possible to conduct EMC (EMI + EMS) test.
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Pre-compliance EMI test system MR2300

  • Ideal for “Pre-compliance” preliminary conformance test of EMI official test.
  • Total test system including not only antenna, spectrum analyzer for EMI, LISN and PC software for EMI but also anechoic box.
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Conducted EMI Test System MR2150


  • Pre-compliance test system for conducted EMI.
  • The development cost can be significantly reduced by debugging and evaluating EUT using this system before testing in the formal EMC site.
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NF KP3000GS AC/DC Muti-function power supply

NF KP3000GS AC/DC Muti-function power supply
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NF KP3000S AC/DC Muti-function power supply

Programmable AC/DC Power Source KP3000S is a multifunction power source, with three output modes, AC, DC, and AC+DC for wide applications. High degree of output control ensures constant high stability […]
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NF LP5393 Low Noise DC Power Supply

NF LP5393 Low Noise DC Power Supply Lock in amplifier/preamp
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Suitable for evaluation of transmission or receiving characteristics of such compact wireless communication equipments as cellular phone, wireless LAN and ETC OBE.
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Small size : The lowest priced and the most lightweight type.
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Medium size : Low priced, the most general and universal type.
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Large size : Low priced type corresponding to even big EUT.
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