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ThinkRF WSA5000-427 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

ThinkRF WSA5000-427 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer 100 kHz to 27 GHz, RTBW up to 100 MHz
Black-Laptop-and-WSA5000r6_3WSA5000 w/laptop*
Black-Laptop-and-WSA5000r6_3WSA5000 w/laptop*
Manufacturer: ThinkRF

ThinkRF WSA5000-418 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer 100 kHz to 27 GHz, RTBW up to 100 MHz ThinkRF delivers Real-Time Spectrum Analysis features with extremely reasonable price price and remarkably high performance level. Compact, PC controlled architecture The ThinkRF WSA5000-308 is a PC-controlled Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA) which includes: •100 kHz to 8 GHz frequency range •Real-time spectrum graph

  • Real-time spectrogram view
  • Real-time power spectral density display (persistence)
  • Real-Time Triggering
  • Real-time I/Q plots
  • Real-Time Recording and Playback The WSA5000 can be utilized anywhere in the wireless ecosystem – R & D, Education, Manufacturing, Deployment, and Monitoring. Extensibility of the WSA5000 for additional functionality and OEMs
  • 10 MHz In for external references and a 10 MHz Out reference for multi-unit synchronization
  • Analog I/Q Out enables OEM high speed digitizers and post-processing software tools
  • GPIO for external triggers and exterior modules such as antenna switches, downconverters, and GPS
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet port for control and networking the WSA5000
  • +12 V DC power input allowing drive testing with automobile 12 V DC sources and personal mobility with an external 12 Volt battery
  • External support for 80 MHz and 160 MHz RTBW (optional)
  • External Local Oscillator inputs for phase-coherent radio front-ends (not shown and optional) ThinkRF combines patented technology, low-cost digital software-defined radio technology, open source software, standard APIs, and a PC-controlled architecture to provide unparalleled performance for the price. If you are dealing with dynamic and agile signals and could be more productive with an RTSA but thought it was out of your budget, then ThinkRF.

*Laptop sold seperately