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AS-161 high speed bipolar amplifier

AS-161 high speed bipolar amplifier
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Testing of Vehicle Electrical and Electronic Components

The NF Corporation As-161, high speed bipolar amplifier, is an ideal tool for testing vehicle electrical system and it’s electronic components.  The AS-161 is capable of conducting various EMC and power simulation tests on a vehicle electrical systems and electronic components when
connected to a testing waveform generator.  This system handles international standards standards as set forth by the ISO, as well as the exacting standards required by various automobile manufacturers. In addition, this system handles not only the tests for current battery 12 V/24 V, but also the tests for 42 V in-vehicle power that is quickly being developed as a standardized practice.
frequency chart for AS-161
  • High speed and broadband : DC to 150 kHz / DC to 100kHz
  • High output voltage : – 15 V to + 60 V / -10V to + 30V
  • High current : 30Apeak / 60Apeak / 120Apeak / 240Apeak
    Stable constant voltage operation against input capacitor which equipped with power input part of vehicle electrical and electric components.
  • Adjustable slew rate limit of 5 levels.
  • Available for 42V vehicle electrical and electronic components testing software As-161-01 (Option)

Sample of System Configuration

  •  Arbitrary waveform editor
  •  Other testing software
  • Compatible with other waveform generators as well.
  • Select a bipolar amplifier that suits your application.