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Electromagnetic anechoic box/Shield box option Option

We have options of anechoic boxes which are I / F module, radio wave absorber, turntable, antenna, wooden table etc.

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We have options of anechoic boxes which are I / F module, radio wave absorber, turntable, antenna, wooden table etc.

I/F Module

Taurus Series download
I/F module is equipped with AC power supply, DC power supply, LAN, USB, SMA, BNC, N, Triaxial, D-sub connectors and Through pipe.
I/F module is common to each model of Taurus Series .

Option Equipped connectors
IFM1 AC(1pc), LAN(1pc), USB(1pc), D-sub9pins(1pc)
IFM2 AC(1pc), LAN(2pcs), USB(2pcs), D-sub9pins(1pc)
IFM3 AC(1pc), LAN(2pcs), USB(2pcs), D-sub25pin(1pc)
IFM4 DC(1pc), LAN(1pc), USB(1pc), D-sub9pins(1pc), D-sub25pin(1pc)
IFM5 SMA(2pcs), BNC(2pcs), N(2pcs), Triaxial(2pcs)
IFM6 Through pipe (two kinds are selectable)
*Inner diameter is different depending on the frequency band.
IFM10 AC(1pc), LAN(1pc), USB(2pcs), D-sub9pins(1pc)
IFM11 DC(1pc), LAN(1pc), USB(2pcs), D-sub9pins(1pc)

*IFM1-6:Available for models except MY1525.
*IFM10-11:Available for only MY1525

Radio wave absorber


The radio wave absorber of the urethane foam, which has similar characteristics with all of linear, elliptic and circular polarizations, is used in Taurus Series.
The standard absorber

  • MYA-75:MY1510/1515/1520/1520SW
  • MYA-77:MY1525/1530

*However, MY1520 and MY1530 can select another absorber such as MYA-77 for MY1520 and MYA-75 or MYA-79 for MY1530 as option..

item MYA-75 MYA-77 MYA-79
Thickness 29mm 57mm 114mm
Frequency range ≧2.4GHz ≧1.2GHz ≧0.6GHz
Reflection Loss 10dB 1GHz 350MHz 250MHz
15dB 1.9GHz 700MHz 370MHz
20dB 2.5GHz 1.2GHz 600MHz
24dB ≧5.6GHz ≧2.5GHz ≧1.2GHz
Frequency range 50MHz to 800MHz
  • Keyless entry
  • Cellular phone(PDC・GSM)
  • Other wireless equipment lower than 1GHz


Thickness 28mm
Reflection Loss
  • more than 20dB35MHz to 2.2GHz
  • 17dB@30MHz
  • more than 10dB@2.2 to 2.7GHz


Wooden table MT104/105

Taurus Series download

Corresponding product Dimensions Load
MT104 MY1520 600(W)×600(D)×700(H)mm 100kg
MT105 MY1530 1220(W)×720(D)×700(H)mm 100kg

Turn table unit MT103

  • Turn table unit for MY1530 /1530N .

    Dimensions 200mmΦ
    Load 10kg
    Table material Acrylic resin
    Rotation angle 360°

Electric Turn table (Factory option) MT106

  • The MT106 is an electric turntable of 220mm in diameter and 15kg in load. And this is controlled by the PC.
    This can be installed only in the anechoic box MY5310 / 5310S .


Portable antenna

Each nine kinds of antennas M301 to M309 / M401 to M407 cover the frequency band from 300MHz to 6.2GHz.
Connectors: SMA(P)@M300, N(P)@M400

Model Frequency range
M301/401 0.8 to 1GHz
M302/402 1.25 to 1.65GHz
M303/403 1.7 to 2.2GHz
M304/404 2.25 to 2.65GHz
M305/405 300 to 500MHz
M306/406 4.8 to 6.2GHz
M307/407 470 to 770MHz
M308 3.6 to 4.2GHz
M309 4.4 to 4.9GHz

Spiral antenna M212/212R

[Discontinued product]
This is a right circular polarization antenna with frequency band from 2 to 18GHz.

Log periodic antenna M213/213R

This is a linear polarization antenna with frequency band from 700MHz to 5GHz.

Biconical Antenna MAN150

Broadband, compact and lightweight antenna with frequency band from 20MHz to 3GHz.

Model MAN150 MAN150B
Frequency range 20MHz to 3GHz 30MHz to 1GHz
Gain -45dBi to +1dBi(nominal) -31dBi to +1dBi(nominal)
Antenna factor 20 to 51dB/m 17 to 31dB/m
Max. transmission power 1W 1W
Connector SMA(J) SMA(J)
Dimensions 350(L)x160(W)x140(D)mm 540(L)x225(W)x225(D)mm
Weight approx.350g approx.1150g