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Compact electromagnetic anechoic box for production linessuch as radio equipment, terminal and module.

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Electromagnetic anechoic box (Anechoic chamber) /Shield box Production line type MY2520 download

    • Compact electromagnetic anechoic box for production linessuch as radio equipment, terminal and module.
    • It is just the size that fits the A4 size product.
    • By installing the jig inside, shorten the tact time and improve the reproducibility of each communication test.
    • Support a wide range of applications and reduce equipment costs.


(excluding projections)
Weight approx.15kg
Structure Double structures with radio wave absorber and aluminum plate
70dB typ@2.4GHz
Radio wave absorber MYA-75 (thickness approx. 3cm)
Reflection Loss more than 20dB (MYA-75 : more than2.4GHz)
  • SMA(J)×4 @ back
  • I/F module installation opening (with detachable panel)


  1. One touch lock mechanism

The shield effect is maintained despite simple opening and closing motion, and the burden on the operator will be also reduced.

  1. Safety against overturning

It can be fixed to the working desk or shelf because integrated with the pedestal.

  1. Support to customization

Based on actual operating conditions, the various customizations will be supported. Need extra cost.


I/F module I/F module is equipped with AC power supply, DC power supply, LAN,USB, SMA, BNC, N, Triaxial, D-sub connectors and Through pipe.
The I/F module can be easily replaced if needed.
Model Equipped connectors
IFM1 AC(1pc), LAN(1pc), USB(1pc), D-sub9pin(1pc)
IFM2 AC(1pc), LAN(2pcs), USB(2pcs), D-sub9pins(1pc)
IFM3 AC(1pc), LAN(2pcs), USB(2pcs), D-sub25pin(1pc)
IFM4 DC(1pc), LAN(1pc), USB(1pc), D-sub9pins(1pc), D-sub25pin(1pc)
IFM5 SMA(2pcs), BNC(2pcs), N(2pcs), Triaxial(2pcs)
IFM6 Through pipe (2 kinds are selectable.) *Inner diameter is different depending on the frequency band.
Surface treatment of radio wave absorber This prevents fragment of radio wave absorber from adhering to products.


Installing a jig

The specified jig is fixed in the anechoic box after processing the main body. (Only when shipping)

Modification of rear part

If the antenna or connector position is changed in the future, the desired panel can be installed after removing the rear panel.
Photo:MY2510Modification of rear part
(*This is just a sample image.)


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    * MICRONIX Corporation reserves the right to make changes in design, specification and other information without prior notice.