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High-performance hand in type.

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High-performance hand in type.
DUT can be operated directly with bare hands while placing it in the box and looking at the inside from the shield window.
Suitable for evaluation of devices such as cellular phone, smart-phone, tablet terminal and portable game machine with wireless communication function.


DUT can be operated with bare hands

It is possible to put one hand or both hands (optional MY3700-001 is installed) in it. Moreover DUT can be operated with bare hands.
Since it is possible to operate directly with bare hands, poor reaction of touch panel by using the glove type will be eliminated and the fine operation will be able to be done.

Our own technology

Despite of use of shield window, shielding effectiveness over 60dB is ensured at frequency from 600MHz to 6GHz.
The various radio waves such as 3G / 4G (LTE / WiMAX) / Wi-Fi (2.4GHz & 5GHz bands) which are a mainstream in communication system of mobile terminal will be blocked off.
This performance is realized by our own technology regarding shield window.

Small and light weight

Outside Dimensions:approx. 320(W)×240(H)×360(D)mm (excluding projections), Weight:approx. 8kg (excluding I/F module).
10-inch tablet terminal can be put in box.

One touch lock mechanism

Just by turning the knob the lock is released, and when it is closed it is locked just by closing the lid. It is very simple to operate.

Correspond to the various interfaces

By exchanging the optional I/F module, the various interfaces can be used.
Since the noise filter is inserted in almost these interfaces, the influence of noise entering from the cable will be reduced.


Outside Dimensions approx. 320(W)×240(H)×360(D)mm(excluding projections)
Inside Dimensions approx. 250(W)×160(H)×290(D)mm
Weight approx. 8kg(excluding I/F module)
Structure Double structures with radio wave absorber and aluminum plate.
Shielding Characteristics(typ) more than 60dB(600MHz to 6GHz)
Reflection loss more than 20dB (≧2.4GHz)
Shield window approx. 140(W)×140(D)mm
Connectors SMA 4pcs
  • I/F Module(possible of installing one module of IFM1 to IFM6 on the back.)
  • Shielded arm cover (factory option, MY3700-001 *Standard is only one side.)
  • Conduction arm supporter (MY3700-002)
  • Anechoic box stand (adjustable inclination angle, MY3700-101)
  • LED light (battery drive, MY3700-102)


I/F Module
I/F module is equipped with AC power supply, DC power supply, LAN, USB, SMA, BNC, N, Triaxial, D-sub connectors and Through pipe.
The I/F module can be easily replaced if needed.

Option Equipped connectors
IFM1 AC(1pc), LAN(1pc), USB(1pc), D-sub9pin(1pc)
IFM2 AC(1pc), LAN(2pcs), USB(2pcs), D-sub9pin(1pc)
IFM3 AC(1pc), LAN(2pcs), USB(2pcs), D-sub25pin(1pc)
IFM4 DC(1pc), LAN(1pc), USB(1pc), D-sub9pin(1pc), D-sub25pin(1pc)
IFM5 SMA(2pcs), BNC(2pcs), N(2pcs), Triaxial(2pcs)
IFM6 Through pipe (two kinds are selectable)
*Inner diameter is different depending on the frequency band.

Taurus Series Download

Shielded arm cover MY3700-001

Option for inserting a hand. Standard is only one side. *factory option.
Ex.) Installing IFM1and MY3700-001
Conduction arm supporter MY3700-002
This increases the conductivity between the shield arm cover because conductive material is used.
Anechoic box stand MY3700-101
Adjustable inclination angle.

LED light(Battery drive) MY3700-102

Internal visibility is improved.


[case.1] Weak electric field tolerance evaluation

    1. For the purpose of weakening the radio wave strength of the operational radio wave, the anechoic box (shield box) is used.
    2. The receiving level is monitored by a spectrum analyzer or a signal analyzer.
    3. The signal output level of base station simulator is attenuated by a programmable attenuator.

Check point:The evaluation of thes state of communication when radio wave in wireless communication area is weak.

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Hand-in type electromagnetic anechoic box (Shield box) MY3710 Catalog (PDF)MICRONIX Products DIGEST Catalog (PDF3.75MB)

    1. Technical Report

Near field and far field
*MICRONIX Corporation reserves the right to make changes in design, specification and other information without prior notice.