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NF EC1000SA Programmable AC/DC Power Supply (AC:1 kVA, DC: 1kW)

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The EC1000SA provides not only a stable power supply (AC1 kVA, DC1 kW), but also the necessary functions for power supply testing, such as measurement, current limiter, , and sequence functions.
EC1000SA covers various applications as a power source for testing a wide range of fields, such as home appliances, electronic components, and automobiles, and as a stabilized power source in laboratories as well.
AC: 1kVA, DC: 1kW

  • Full Power 1 kVA AC and 1 kW DC
  • Max. Output Voltage: 310 V
  • Max Peak Current: 4 times
  • Measurement, Sequence, Current Limiter and Protection Function …
  • Control Software

The hybrid power control integrates the negative feedback control (analog control technology), which is NF’s core technology, and intelligent digital control technology. Analog technology is provided when wide-band, high response is required, and digital technology is provided for flexible control according to load condition. The hybrid power control achieves highly stable and robust output by taking full advantage of both analog and digital characteristics.

A Variety of Outputs
With AC 1 kVA, full-power 1 kW output is also available for DC. In the AC+DC mode, the EC1000SA can output power which superimposes an alternating current (sine, square, or arbitrary wave) over a direct current.
Alternating current (AC)
AC output voltage range Maximum output current*1
100 V range : 0 V to 155 V, resolution of 0.1 V 10 A
200 V range : 0 V to 310 V, resolution of 0.1 V 5 A

*1The limit on max. output power reduces max. output current.

Output frequency range (internal, internal/external) Resolution
1 Hz to 550 Hz 0.1 Hz
Direct current (AC + DC)
DC output voltage range*2 Maximum output current*1
100 V range : -220 V to +220 V, resolution of 0.1 V 10 A
200 V range : -440 V to +440 V, resolution of 0.1 V 5 A

*1The limit on max. output power reduces max. output current.
*2The ranges in the AC superimposition are AC output voltage ranges (See the above table.)

Operation mode
Eight output modes combining two operation modes and four signal source modes can be set. The most appropriate mode for an application can be selected.
Operation modes Alternating current (AC), direct current (AC + DC)
Signal source modes Internal (INT), external (EXT), internal/external (ADD), external synchronization (SYNC)


Maximum output peak current
A peak current equal to four times the maximum output current to the capacitor input rectifier load (crest factor : 4) can be supplied.


Limiter function
Output current limits can be set with positive/negative values, and RMS values. In the evaluation of a prototype, this function is useful for protection when an abnormal current is caused by abnormal operation of the load.


Protection function
The EC1000SA has a built-in function for protecting the power source itself if a problem occurs due to issues such as output overvoltage or overcurrent, power unit trouble, internal control problems. If a problem occurs, it is displayed on the panel and output is turned off.
Mesurement function
The EC1000SA is equipped with high accuracy measurement functions for measuring synchronization frequencies, load power factors, and even the harmonic currents, in addition to the voltage, current and output. Setting values and measurement values are simultaneously displayed on large-screen display.