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NF EPO4000S 4kVA AC Power Supply

NF EPO2000X AC Power Supply
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M style cabinet L style cabinet
System upgrading, Phase mode selectable


The EPO series is divided into 3 systems according to phase and respond to a variety of uses.

Boosting Rated Power and Phase Mode Selectable Output (single phase/three phase/single phase three wire) with the EPO2000X .
The Single phase 2kVA is our basic unit. It can be used as a master or a booster. You can link up to three units of the same model and the EPO2000X allows phase mode selectable output, making it easy to build a 4kVA single phase/single phase three wire system with two units or a 6kVA single phase/three phase system with three units. The EPO2000X is a flexible unit that can accommodate the refabrication common on production lines.

Single Phase Systems
This line-up includes 2kVA-12kVA systems. The 4kVA unit comes in M-sized (787.5mm tall) and 8kVA-12kVA units come in L-sized (1,365.5mm tall), all in slim cabinet styles.
Phase Mode Selectable Systems
This line-up includes 6kVA-36kVA systems. These products can be used in every mode; single phase, three phase, and single phase three wire. They come loaded with functions not to missed by those who want to use them in various ways as a single power supply. Each system is housed in a sleek, well-organized cabinet.


High efficiency with low input current


76% power efficiency, reducing running costs


Achieves 76% power efficiency. Plus, we’ve reduced input current to a mere 14A (at 200V) and even further reduced harmonics current. Suppresses futile power consumption and heat generation, and contributes to business cost reductions.


Maximum output peak current


Maximum peak current up to four times of the rated value


The capacitor input type rectifier loads used by many electronic devices tend to consume large current in pulses, as shown in the illustration below. For this reason, you need an AC power supply capable of supplying large current instantaneously. The EPO series can put out up to four times the rated value (rms) maximum peak current.


Stabilization and improvement of waveform


Instantaneous voltage stop Input voltage waveform distortion
0V, 1 wavelength (20rms),rated load distortion rate 3.6%, rated load
stable output and low distortion of waveform


The EPO series improves a voltage of various power line environment. And also increases withstanding level of a discontinuance, a distortion and an instantaneous voltage drop of line voltage.


In Rush Current


Current waveform at the start-up of motors
to increase output capacity at the start-up of motors


For each unit’s 20 Arms maximum output current, the unit can supply up to 2.8 times 57 Arms (80 Apeak) of in rush current. The EPO series addresses the need for power supplies with large rated output current for handling large loads of in rush current, such as during motor start-up. With the EPO series, you no longer need to put extra money in the budget just for system startups (to increase output capacity).