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NF FRA5087 0.1mHz to 10MHz, high accuracy and multifunction Frequency Response Analyzer

NF FRA5097 0.1mHz to 15MHz, high accuracy and multifunction Frequency Response Analyzer
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The FRA5087 is a frequency response analyzer for measurement frequencies of 0.1 mHz to 15 MHz and is well suited for production lines with a slim space efficient design and easy operation.  Utilizing the Fourier integral method, the FRA excels in noise elimination highly accurate measurements.

NF’s frequency response analyzers utilize the excellent noise eliminating feature of Fourier transformations to accurately measure frequency response characteristics. Floating input circuitry and auto ranging functions constantly optimize input ranges. The Frequency Response Analyzer allow quick, highly accurate measurements of dynamically changing frequency responses without the needing to be concerned about input signal levels or the ground potential of the device being tested while still being simple to operate.  From stability evaluation for servo systems and switching power supplies, to fuel cell current impedance measurement, the FRA5097 can be used for a number of different situations in a wide variety of fields, ranging from electronic circuits/materials to mechanics and electrochemicals.