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NF LI575 Lock in Amplifier/Preamplifier

NF LI575 Lock in Amplifier/Preamplifier
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NF LI575 Lock in Amplifier/Preamplifier

Sensitivity 100nV to 500mV
Frequency range 0.5Hz to 200kHz
Input mode Ground line may be switch-floated.
Input impedence 100M ohm//40pF
Input referred noise Less than 5nV/√Hz (at 1kHz)
Reference mode AUTO, INT, EXT, EXT2F
Phase adjustment Not required
Time constant 1.25ms to 125s, 6dB/oct or 12dB/oct
Dynamic reserve Maximum 60dB
DC output Acosφ, Asinφ, A, φ, NOISE
Power requirements AC100V, 120V, 220V or 240V switchable
Dimensions(mm) 480(W) X 149(H) X 500(D)
Weight approx.20kg

Completely free from harmonic influences

Wide band frequencies between 0.5Hz and 200kHz can be continuously set.

Dynamic reserve 100dB

Phase measurements easily performed.

Built-in noise measuring mode; equivalent of 0.1Hz to 100Hz