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NF WF1965 Multi-function Generator .01µHz to 30MHz (Sine), 20Mhz (square, Pulse), 5MHz Ramp ,Arbitrary)

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# Low noise #
The noise level is reduced to roughly one-tenth of those of previous models* at comparatively high voltage output (about 2Vp-p/50Ω, without DC superposition) and within frequencies of up to 300kHz. By employing an attenuator, the noise level at the low voltage output of about 1Vp-p or lower has been reduced to between a half and one-third those of previous models. In all of the output ranges, dramatic noise reduction has been realized, which makes this product perfect for a wide range of uses.
*Previous models : WF1973/WF1974


# Low distortion #
A complete revision of the circuitry has realized the generation of low-distortion sine waves with total harmonic distortion of 0.04% or less. In addition to the 16-bit resolution of waveform amplitude, high-quality sine waves are produced.(Frequency setting range: 20Hz-20k Hz, amplitude: 0.25Vp-p/50Ω or greater)


# Waveform amplitude resolution: 16 bits #
The circuit structure we developed has realized a 16-bit resolution of waveform amplitude, which is the highest of any oscillator designed for a maximum frequency of 30MHz. High-quality 16-bit resolution of waveform amplitude is provided for all the waveforms you might need, including sine, square and arbitrary waveforms.


# High amplitude setting accuracy #
The auto range function facilitates the optimum selection of output voltage range, according to the amplitude and DC offset (including high/low level settings) settings. Further, by reducing the deterioration of the amplitude setting accuracy due to the setting level, it is possible to obtain a very high amplitude setting accuracy.


# Floating #
Each output terminal is insulated from the housing, which makes it possible to connect the terminal to equipment with dissimilar electric potentials. The inclusion of floating output terminals reduces noise caused by ground loops.


# Low fan noise #


The rotational frequency (OR revolution per minute) of the fan is controlled according to the detected ambient temperature. At normal room temperature, excluding start-up and abnormal operation, the noise is one-tenth of that of previous models*.
 Wide Array of Output Waveforms


Sine, Square, Pulse, Ramp, Arbitrary waveforms, Noise, DC
In addition to generating standard waveforms such as sine and square waveforms, it is possible to generate arbitrary waveforms of up to 512k words. Up to 128 waveforms can be stored in the 4M-word memory. All the generated waveforms have 16-bit high resolution. High-quality waveforms are indispensable for improvement in the repeatability (OR reproductivity) of tests.
Arbitrary waveforms can be set on the main unit, and the provided arbitrary waveform creation software “Arbitrary Wave Editor” makes waveform editing smooth.


Sine Wave
Sine Wave
Square Wave
Square Wave
Pulse Wave
Pulse Wave
(Rising/falling time variable)
Ramp Wav
Ramp Wave
(Symmetry Variable)
(Gaussian distribution)
Arbitrary Wave
Arbitrary Wave


Various Oscillation Modes


Sweep and Modulation Functions
It’s possible to perform sweeps not only of frequencies, but also of amplitudes, phases, offsets and duties (0% to 100%). In sweeping, it is possible to combine one-way or shuttle, linear or logarithmic slope*, and continuous, single-shot or gated single-shot modes.
FM, FSK, PM, PSK, AM and DC offset modulations and PWM mode are supported. Internal and external modulations are possible.
*Logarithmic mode is supported only for frequency sweeping.


Gated Sweep
Gated Sweep
Offset Modulationv
Offset Modulation


Burst /