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NF WF1974 duel channel 30 MHz (sine) 15 MHz (square, pulse) Multi-function generator

NF WF1974 Duel channel 30 MHz (sine) 15 MHz (square, pulse) Multi-function generator

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Wide frequency rangeû Oscillation Frequency: 0.01 µHz to 30M Hz
High accuracy
Above all else, function generators must be very accurate. The WF1973 and WF1974 are high-specification instruments that deliver exceptional precision, stability and reliability in support of a wide variety of applications.
Frequency accuracy : ± (3 ppm of setting + 2 pHz)
(External frequency reference of 10 MHz usable.)
Frequency resolution : 0.01 µHz
Amplitude accuracy : ± (1% of amplitude setting [Vp-p] + 2 mVp-p)/open
Phase setting resolution : 0.001° (setting range: –1800.000° to +1800.000°)
Duty setting range : 0.0000% to 100.0000%; resolution: 0.0001%
Pulse wave rising/falling time: 15.0 ns to 58.8 Ms; 3-digit resolution/0.1 ns
Resolution of arbitrary waveform data amplitude: 16 bits


Various types of output waveforms Equipped with standard, arbitrary and “parameter-variable” waveforms.
Output Waveforms: 
Sine, square, pulse, ramp, noise, DC, arbitrary and parameter-variable


Sine wave Square wave Pulse wave
Sine wave Square wave Pulse wave


Ramp wave (Synmetry variable) Noise (Gaussian distribution)
Ramp wave
(Synmetry variable) 
(Gaussian distribution)


Arbitrary waveforms Up to 512 K words/Waveform, 4 M words
Arbitrary waveforms up to 512 K words can be output. Up to 128 waveforms can be stored in the large 4 M words memory. Highly precise waveforms are generated using high-resolution (14-bit), high-speed (120M samples/sec) sampling. Waveforms can be generated easily either via the control panel (linear interpolation of control points) or in software using the Arbitrary Waveform Editor, which also allows external data to be imported and mathematical expressions to be applied.
Preprogrammed parameter-variable waveforms can be retrieved and edited as required.
Arbitrary waveform Arbitrary Waveform Editor
Arbitrary Waveform Editor
Main Unit editing screen


Parameter-variable waveforms
The desired waveform can be quickly generated.


Wide array of oscillation modes
Oscillation Modes: 
Continous, burst/trigger/gate, internal/external modulation, sweep and sequence
Sweep and modulation functions
Frequency, phase, amplitude, DC offset and duty sweeps can be performed in one-way or shuttle, linear or logarithmic slope*, and continuous, single-shot or gated single-shot modes. Marker and X-drive outputs are available. DC offset modulation and PWM modes are supported as well as FM, FSK, PM, PSK, and AM—both internal and external modulation. These function generators can address a wide range of applications, including baseband functional testing for digital communications.
Logarithmic mode is supported only for frequency sweeping.


Amplitude sweep Gated sweep AM
Amplitude sweep Gated sweep AM
Offset modulation PWM