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I/F Module

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The I/F module is a module on which AC supply, DC supply, LAN, USB, SMA, BNC, N, Triaxial and/or D-sub connectors are mounted.

All of the I/F modules are common to Taurus series.

Option Mounted Connectors
IFM1 AC(1pc), LAN(1pc), USB(1pc), D-sub9pin(1pc)
IFM2 AC(1pc), LAN(2pcs), USB(2pcs), D-sub9pin(1pc)
IFM3 AC(1pc), LAN(2pcs), USB(2pcs), D-sub25pin(1pc)
IFM4 DC(1pc), LAN(1pc), USB(1pc), D-sub9pin(1pc), D-sub25pin(1pc)
IFM5 SMA(2pcs), BNC(2pcs), N(2pcs), Triaxial(2pcs)
IFM6 Through pipe (two kinds are selectable)
*Inner diameter is different depending on the frequency band.
IFM10 AC(1pc), LAN(1pc), USB(2pcs), D-sub9pin(1pc)
*Available for only MY1525.
IFM11 DC(1pc), LAN(1pc), USB(2pcs), D-sub9pin(1pc)
*Available for only MY1525.

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